About Us

Building Success With Passion, Experience, and a Commitment to be the Best

FivePoint designs and develops mixed–use master–planned communities in coastal California. Our vibrant and sustainable communities in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Francisco County offer homes, commercial, retail, educational, and recreational elements as well as civic areas, parks, and open spaces.

The three communities will include approximately 40,000 residential homes and approximately 20 million square feet of commercial space, plus infrastructure. The communities are: Great Park Neighborhoods┬« in Irvine, Newhall Ranch┬« near Valencia, and The San Francisco Shipyard™.

The scale and positioning of our communities allows us to engage in long–term development, providing numerous opportunities for us to add value for residential buyers and commercial owners alike. Our development activities also benefit from our strong relationships and extensive experience working with federal, state, and local government agencies and other local constituents to create economically vibrant communities.

Our management team has an expansive planning and development skill set, including expertise in managing public–private partnerships and navigating the complicated entitlement process in California. Key members of our management team – along with senior members of the project teams – have worked together for 10 to 25 years, providing stability and a cohesiveness that drives all of the company's initiatives.

At all levels, the FivePoint team has the experience and knowledge to deliver communities that promote quality living, with a focus on active lifestyles, diverse populations, employment opportunities, and an optimal mix of housing and commercial development. Our shared passion lies in developing land and creating enduring neighborhoods and communities.

FivePoint Executive Team

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Steve Churm

Chief Communications Officer – FivePoint

Michael Alvarado

Chief Legal Officer – FivePoint

Donald Kimball

Community President – Newhall Ranch

LJ Edgcomb

Community President – Great Park Neighborhoods

Emile Haddad

Chairman and CEO – FivePoint

Lynn Jochim

Executive Vice President, Business Development – FivePoint

Greg McWilliams

Regional President – FivePoint

Erik Higgins

Chief Financial Officer – FivePoint

Kofi Bonner

Regional President – FivePoint

Michael White

Treasurer and Vice President – FivePoint