Great Park
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Great Park Neighborhoods® residential parks are a defining element of FivePoint, as they encompass the company’s core values of connection, education, wellness, and recycle/reuse, etc. Each Great Park Neighborhoods’ park carries a distinctive theme—earth, air/navigation, water—that includes opportunities for education and art appreciation. All of the parks honor the history of the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station El Toro on which they are built by weaving in elements from the past while creating a new space for residents to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Above all, the parks foster connections among residents, who explore parks across the community and discover newfound neighbors.

Walkable and bikeable greenbelt trails keep the Great Park Neighborhoods residential parks connected to each other, the Great Park, and the rest of Irvine.

While each park has a theme, FivePoint is careful not to over-program the parks, retaining vast areas of open space and flexible fields for residential recreation.

The motto of the parks is: “No walls, no gates – just open spaces and open minds.”