Orange Bike

The true spirit of Great Park Neighborhoods® is embodied in FivePoint’s custom-designed Orange Bike, which encourages personal wellness,
social connectivity, and sustainability – elements that are crucial to all of our communities. Each homeowner receives one of the cruisers when they join the community to encourage them to get out of their cars and into the open air so they can fully appreciate the nature and amenities that surround them. More than just a healthy, fun, and eco-friendly way to travel from place to place, the bike acts as a community builder and mobile brand ambassador for Great Park Neighborhoods.

The Orange Bike is built exclusively for Great Park Neighborhoods residents by Irvine-based Felt bicycles.

The Orange Bike is a key link in FivePoint’s “Hi” marketing program.

When residents see someone with an orange bike, they’re prompted to say “Hi,” forming an instant connection with a new-found neighbor.