San Francisco Shipyard Parks

The San Francisco Shipyard offers residents a wide array of thoughtfully designed and sustainably landscaped pocket parks, as well as outdoor fitness equipment, bike racks, dedicated parking, transportation shuttles, acres of parks and trails, and a diverse array of public artworks. In keeping with FivePoint’s dedication to creating spaces that enhance wellness and celebrate nature, approximately half of The SF Shipyard is reserved for open space, including parks, marshes, grasslands, and beaches. These native spaces provide a welcome respite from the bustling environment of the city beyond.

With approximately 80 acres, the Grasslands Ecology Park will offer sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay and the iconic Crane, set amidst a backdrop of indigenous coastal plants in the restored habitat’s eco-gardens, glade lawns, and dunes.

The Candlestick Point State Recreation Park includes three-plus miles of shoreline, providing an ideal getaway in California’s first urban state park.

Through its plazas and preserved historical buildings, Cultural Heritage Park will enable visitors to appreciate the area’s past and present, from shipbuilding to avant-garde art.