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Great Park Farmers Market Adopts Drive-Through Access to Fresh Food

Great Park Farmers Market Adopts Drive-Through Access to Fresh Food Great Park Farmers Market Adopts Drive-Through Access to Fresh Food

Ensuring food accessibility – particularly access to healthy fruits and vegetables – has become increasingly important in recent months. To maintain access to food while taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Great Park Certified Farmers Market was modified to become a drive-through-only market with a designated entry along Great Park Boulevard and Bosque.

Residents who live nearby at FivePoint’s Great Park Neighborhoods traditionally walk or bike to the Great Park Certified Farmers Market. For the time being, they join others from surrounding communities in driving to the venue.

Organizers not only adjusted the process for picking up food, they temporarily updated its name to Modified Farmers Market since the adoption of the drive-through system in March.

Vendors are properly distanced, and visitors must remain in their vehicles. Food trucks are also available to market customers, and guests may order from their cars or place food truck orders online in advance to avoid wait times.

Besides the obvious wellness benefits that come with eating the nutritious fruits, vegetables, nuts, breads, and other foods available at the market, the drive-through service also reaffirms friendships and relationships between customers and the vendors who serve them.

“Most vehicles have kids, pets, and extended family in them, and it’s almost an outing of sorts,” said Mary Ann Senske, who operates the Modified Farmers Market. “The farmers market is an essential business, and as such we have created a new and innovative way for residents to still get their favorites while keeping safe.”

Weather permitting, the Modified Farmers Market operates on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. until further notice. It is located between the Championship Soccer Stadium and Great Park Ice at the Orange County Great Park. Admission is free. 

More details may be found here.