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The Storehouse in San Francisco: A Hub of Commerce and Community

image of inside a cafe image of inside a cafe

Since its July 2015 opening, The Storehouse has been more than just a “general store” or place of convenience to grab the essentials. It has evolved into a place of collaboration and connection. Situated near the entrance of the Hunters Point Shipyard community, The Storehouse derives its name from a commissary that carried the same name when the land operated as a Navy base.

Direct participation – both in the shopping and sourcing of items for The Storehouse – is key to its success. Most of its items – including the coffee, pastries, honey and candles – are produced and provided by neighboring vendors and small businesses. For example, Jeremiah Pick Coffee, which has gained a following and strong connection to the San Francisco community, is a top-selling item at The Storehouse. Its specialty sandwiches, another top seller, are provided by a commercial kitchen that’s a half mile away.

Quarterly taste test events are held to help vendors introduce their products to new customers. Nearby residents of the SF Shipyard, Bayview and Hunter’s Point communities are among the store’s repeat customers, and many have since hired food providers from The Storehouse to cater their private events.

Customers are also surveyed to ensure The Storehouse is best serving their needs. The majority of products are organic – a direct result of what customers requested in a previous survey. Beer and wine will soon be coming to The Storehouse, based on customers’ input.

The community-level focus has proven to be successful model by all accounts. With a five-star rating on Yelp, The Storehouse is now exceeding 20,000 annual transactions.