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Approximately 20 percent of Orange County residents with cancer leave the area when seeking care. Many travel more than 80 miles to City of Hope’s campus in Duarte, California for treatment.

Fighting the disease is challenging enough without adding a two-hour commute each way, often several times a week, to seek the exceptional care City of Hope offers.

With plans to invest $1 billion to develop and operate a new comprehensive cancer campus at FivePoint’s Great Park Neighborhoods in Irvine and extend the network of care in Orange County, City of Hope will bring its pioneering treatments and scientific breakthroughs to people who need them.

The cancer incidence rate in Orange County is projected to increase by 18 percent over the next decade. Cancer risk increases with age and the county’s population is aging faster than the U.S. average.

City of Hope is at the cutting-edge of cancer treatment, which includes integrative health and wellness therapy. For example, City of Hope’s Gentle Yoga: Mind, Body and Meditation for Patients and Caregivers class teaches yoga postures, relaxation techniques including guided meditation and deep breathing, as well as offering tips to develop a daily home practice. From massage to meditation, integrative medicine — which uses evidence-based, complementary practices in combination with conventional medicine — can help cancer patients and survivors regain health and build a lifestyle focused on wellness.

It will be Orange County’s only specialty hospital dedicated solely to treating and curing cancer.