FivePoint and City of Hope Executives Discuss Keys to Effective Leadership

A $1 billion, 190,000 square-foot comprehensive cancer center is coming to Orange County that will increase access to treatment, research and comprehensive care for people with cancer.

FivePoint's Chief Operating Officer Lynn Jochim and City of Hope President Annette Walker are leading the charge to bring this game-changing campus to fruition and fulfill the vision established by their respective CEOs.

Jochim and Walker met recently at the City of Hope’s future building in Irvine to participate in a video interview and wide-ranging conversation, which included their perspectives on leadership in the community, the workplace and family lives.

Here are a few excerpts from the conversation:

Jochim on breaking down silos: “Any time you separate a group from another group, even within your own office, you’ve established yourself to be something different than everyone else. If I don’t keep that connection (with all colleagues), then the connection I have to the small executive group is not going to be helpful to the company or myself.”

Walker on advice she gives to women in the workplace: “Claim your space, don’t wait for an invitation to the table or to speak. Be prepared, get out there and be brave.”

Jochim on work/life integration: “I’ve had my daughters with me when we’ve opened schools and affordable housing communities. They have tested a lot of parks and given their ideas. So they have a sense of being a part of what we’re doing.”

Walker on deciding between a work or family event: “If I go to this work meeting, will I remember it next Tuesday? If I don’t go to this thing at school, will my presence or absence never be forgotten?”

In 2019, Jochim and Walker were among five recipients of a Women In Business Award chosen by the Orange County Business Journal for their contributions to their organizations and the community.