Historic Home in Santa Clarita Valley Gets ‘Extreme Makeover’

image of people receiving a donation to the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society giving a speech

The Santa Clarita Valley has a rich history dating back to the 18th century. Preserving its landmarks presents opportunities to honor the people and progress that made the region what it is today.

To that end, the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society created Heritage Junction as a place where the region’s first developments could be celebrated.

Foundational to Heritage Junction is the Newhall Ranch House, which was started in 1865 and expanded into its current form in the 1890s in what is now the Six Flags Magic Mountain parking lot in Valencia. The approximately 20,000 acres of land that now surrounds the former home site is now part of a new FivePoint community taking shape in Valencia.

The two-story, 4,000 square-foot Newhall Ranch House was donated to the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society and moved from its original location to Heritage Junction 30 years ago to save it from demolition. The Victorian-style home was owned by the Newhall family, who founded Newhall Land and Farming Company. The home had served as the headquarters for the Newhall Land and Farming Company at one time.

The Newhall family and company that carried its namesake for many years established the Valencia community and its original infrastructure in the 1960’s. Today, Newhall Land and Farming Co. is owned by FivePoint. Longtime community leader and FivePoint executive Don Kimball took initiative to help preserve the Newhall Ranch House. It is one of the most historically significant structures in the Santa Clarita Valley, and is protected under the City’s Historic Preservation Ordinance.

"Even as we help define the future of the Santa Clarita Valley, we never want to forget the past and those who were essential to creating this community that today is one of the most desirable in California," Kimball said. "Preserving our history is important so future generations will appreciate what makes this valley special. FivePoint is proud to contribute to this initiative."

Kimball, alongside Santa Clarita Mayor Cameron Smyth and other stakeholders (as pictured above), presented a $25,000 check to Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society on behalf of FivePoint at a recent celebration event. The $25,000 matches a contribution made by the city as part of its public-private partnership with FivePoint.

Funds will be used to restore the roofing of the Newhall Ranch House. On a broader scale, this shared contribution helps uphold the community’s commitment to preserving, knowing and teaching the history of the Santa Clarita Valley to future generations.